25 Reasons Why You Should Give Entrepreneurship a Shot After All

1. Because you have an incredible idea, and you know that no one will ever be able to bring
it to life the way YOU will *not to be egotistic, but you’re a perfectionist!*
2. You have bigger aims than getting promotions and becoming the manager
3. Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss; no more putting up with mean bosses
and annoying colleagues
4. It is a marvelous experience; your life isn’t monotonous, and you never know what you
might wake up to the next day
5. It might be the only way to follow your dream, and pursue your passions
6. You gain experience after all those mistakes you made *just make sure they aren’t
7. You know that you’ve done something great with your life
8. You stretch your limits; you’ve worked, made mistakes, learned, fallen, and picked yourself up
9. You don’t have to deal with any of the unnecessary rules, restrictions and bureaucracy of a
large company
10. When the success makes the noise.. *yes, you WILL be successful; only after you work really
hard, and might have to wait for a very long time* but you’ll get the sense of achievement
11. You’ll be able to work whenever, wherever, and with whoever you like *after you’ve
worked hard at first, and finally built something*
12. You get to follow your instincts when you know deep down that it’s the right thing
13. You can never substitute the exhilaration and risky business you do by a desk job
14. You’ll never stop learning about yourself; you can perfect it to the best possible version
15. You’ll meet other amazing people to look up to *add that to your list work for creating a
better ‘you’*
16. You don’t have to report to anybody; it’s all yours *just be nice and observe the laws*
17. And yes, the money; you won’t have to worry about it when things finally work
18. You are no longer dependant on a company or a boss..
19. In a situation of financial crisis, things are flexible and you can quickly adapt
20. You could get a partner who shares your vision, who works as much as you do, and loves
the company exactly like you do
21. If you manage to find the RIGHT partner, this journey could be a lot more exciting; you’ll
have someone by your side to share the joyous and gloomy moments
22. The personal satisfaction is indescribable; building something from scratch and watching it
grow, day by day is entirely uplifting
23. Your creativity doesn’t fit the corporate environment
24.It is your chance to make a difference and leave your mark in this world, and maybe even change it!
25. Being able to say ‘my company.’ *That itself is enough incentive*


This Post is posted by Ayah Yasser

An IEEE AlexSB Volunteer, Reporting and Publication Committee

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