• Research track represents the segment that can push our lives to the better. Through research, you can work on the demonstration of new systems that can open the doors to great technological breakthroughs. For me, it 's more pleasant and joyful to work on research projects more than being obligated to do a certain job and be constrained by certain limits.

  • Starting after graduation is a delusion, imagine that you are competing with 7000 engineer with the same skills and technicalities. You'll never have a chance to be selected for a good job. You should start while you are in the University, where you have plenty of time to work in projects, do civil activities and voluntary work. That's in addition to learning the needed technical skills that are not delivered in college.

  • Two crucial skills freelancers must have are: self-learning and self-discipline. Nobody forces you to work or learn or gain experience. You set goals and stick to them no matter what. If you can't do that, you're doomed to fail before you even start."


Throughout extensive informative sessions given by HR professionals and prominent speakers, you will get an all-inclusive view of the process that follows graduation. Starting from preparing a CV, creating a catchy LinkedIn profile, to finding the right job and acing the HR interview.


Interactive workshops will help you take a good grip on essential soft skills that will help you pave the way of your professional development. Communication skills, leadership skills, team management and workplace ethics are important skills to earn if you’re willing to pursue an exceptional career.

Mock Interviews

“The Great Aim of Education is Not Knowledge, But Action.”
Getting a real life experience is the most efficient learning tool. In our Mock-Interviews, you will be interviewed by professional HR specialists who will provide you with a detailed assessment of your performance.

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