Different minds!What’s that good for?

Nowadays, investors prefer investing their money in the best team rather than the best idea. To prove my point, we notice that solo entrepreneurs rarely find investors. So, if you think you can manage to get it all done solely, think twice.

You need to find the right people and place them where they will perform best based on their skills.  Yes, it’s definitely not a simple task, but it sure is worth the effort.

When you start the quest of searching for your team members, you need to consider the personalities that shall make your team complete. For example, a creative mind is essential. That kind of person is usually capable of being a brilliant marketing strategist, web developer, creative director or executive-level leader.

Another member you need is a “savant”. Savants are intelligent, hardworking individuals who are exceedingly talented in a single field. When free to follow their specific working routine, they can focus on projects intensely. Savants are often skilled writers, artists or engineers, whose prolific nature can make them your company’s top producers. Their innate perfectionism, however, can be a double-edged sword, and immature savants tend to suffer from social anxiety, communication problems and depression. Mature savants, however, have realized their natural talent and are driven to succeed. They can become your best content creators, designers, graphic artists or editorial directors.

Now that you have an idea creator and a hard-worker, and let’s say you have most of your work done. How are you going to bring it to the world? That’s why you need a “Marketer”; someone who understands the market and is consistently up-to-date. Moreover, that person knows how to deal with people from outside the team and how to market the product/service that you provide.

Now that your product/service has reached your target segment, there will surely be problems and requests from the customers; your very valuable asset, which you can’t afford to lose. So, you need an ideal customer-service agent; someone who would have the patience to go all the way with the customer to keep him/her satisfied.

Teamwork has always proven its efficiency and has always been much more prosperous than individual work. Imagine having a team of high achievers placed in their ideal roles, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.





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