• Sessions

    Sessions include technical and non-technical topics, presented by professionals, to give an all-inclusive view of what it is to be a business professional.

  • Workshops

    Workshops give you hands on experience in developing your own startup idea and create it's bussiness plan. You will be guided by business professionals with every aspect of the planning such as strategic, marketing and financial planning.

  • Case Study

    During the event you will be given a case study to analyze and apply what you learned in the sessions from A to Z. Case studies represent real time issues that companies and startups face.



Marketing in a Nutshell

Most of us are exposed to marketing on a fairly daily basis. In business terms and as defined by the American Marketing Association, “Market ...

Finding Common Ground

We’ve all been there; you arrive late at a party, gathering, or even a conference. You look around, and almost everyone has come with a frie ...

What Makes Things Go Viral?

Remember that photo of the "Blue/Black or Gold/white" dress? Comics about Leonardo de Caprio not winning the Oscar after being nominated sev ...


N owadays, the concept of freelancing has been widely spreading. However, some people mistake being a freelancer for being free and working ...

Humans of EDM