How Augmented Could We Go?

Technological advancement gets tricky by the time. At some point we will need to admit that it has no limits. Since the discovery of the nucleus and technology has been jogging in a very high speed, if we didn’t catch up with it, we will flip over in life.

One of the most important technologies nowadays is augmented reality. Augmented reality is when digital information is overlaid onto the real physical world. The process happens in fractions of a second but the technique used is a bit complex.

The procedure depends merely on sensors to detect objects and their measurement then assign the suitable digital image to it. The software as well was precisely designed to realistically integrate augmentations with the real world using ARML (Augmented Reality Markup Language)


   Remember when Pokémon Go came out and it was such a craze? I’d like you to know that things like Pokémon Go or “Snapchat” filters are the worst to describe AR. AR isn’t about funny digital pictures appearing! The Pokémon didn’t even interact with the user.

AR was firstly-as most inventions- used for military causes like: training for combats, aviation and drones navigation. Nowadays, AR adapts to our daily routines. From choosing your home furniture, choosing the best outfit to astronomy; everything will be AR. Everything will be a click away, you just open your camera and swipe to choose which furniture or clothes fits you best.

In astronomy, augmented reality could be used to depict the actual conditions of missions to train astronauts. This insures safety and efficiency during the mission.

As Mark Zuckerberg says, these couple of years will be the dawn of AR. So how far will AR go? We don’t know just yet, but what we do know is that we have Google lens coming out in the markets.

Now, imagine you’re walking in the streets and wondering how weather will be like this afternoon, so you direct your camera towards the sky and it’ll show you exactly the picture of the sky at night, if it’s cloudy, foggy or full of stars. What about pointing it at a hotel so all reviews pop up and all information about it is right there on your screen. More and more of that will be introduced using the Articulated Naturality Web (ANW)

“This will open the door to a virtual universe where our mind is the only boundary”, said Matt Trubow, CEO of hidden creative.




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