NPSS stands for Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society. NPSS is the IEEE technical society that covers the fields of fusion technology, nuclear medical and imaging sciences, particle accelerator science and technology, pulsed power systems, radiation effects, radiation instrumentation, plasma sciences and applications, standards for nuclear instruments and detectors, and computer applications in nuclear and plasma sciences.

NPSS Alexandria Student Chapter (AlexSC) is the first student chapter of the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society in Egypt and all over the world. It aims to connect students, professionals and engineers interested in nuclear and plasma sciences in Egypt, to keep the students up-to-date with all new applied technologies in the field, to refresh the topics they’d previously studied, and to help filling the gap between academic education and professional career.

Our Mission is extended to help Egyptian nuclear and plasma engineers and physicists to be connected with the technical advice, as well as assisting them to be motivated to innovate. Moreover, building undergraduate acquaintance of nuclear sciences is one of our major goals. This is achieved through short-term events and long-term projects.