Coping with the world's most important technologies, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Alexandria Student Chapter is formed to provide students with activities relevant to the Robotics and Automation field. IEEE RAS Alexandria student chapter is formed to be a leading entity in the field of Robotics and Automation. It aims to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in this field.


The chapter aims to prepare effective and professional teams to participate in international competitions. Moreover, on the long term, the chapter will have students who can make research and contribute to the new technology of this field.


The Chapter's goal is to provide the students with wnough knowledge and skills in robotics and automation fields, which are not covered in the university. Due the importance of this field to the industry in Egypt nowadays, the number of students interested in Robotics and Automation is rapidly increasing. That’s why it has become important to help those students in this field.


RAS AlexSC’s plan has been put to fulfill it's main goals:

  • Increase students’ technical skills in the field of Robotics and Automation by organizing courses and workshops.

  • Prepare qualified teams to participate in international competitions.

  • Keep students updated with new technologies in the fields by organizing visits and seminars.

  • Prepare equipped labs so that students can find a suitable place to work at.