Marketing in a Nutshell

Most of us are exposed to marketing on a fairly daily basis. In business terms and as defined by the American Marketing Association, “Marketing” is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. But enough with the big talk, marketing in a nutshell is a way to build bridges between the provider and the consumer. If you are a provider of a service or a product, you need a good marketing manager to connect you with people who would like your service.


Marketing is talking; expressing the benefits of your product to the consumer and convincing them of buying it, which is why some marketing managers believe that the best marketing strategy is to look for a need in the market, and provide a service to fill that need. Although other managers think that it doesn’t matter what the market needs or not, it is all about convincing the customer that they need this service even if they don’t. And yes, creating the illusion of the need is an important skill a good manager acquires.


So, if I have a company or a startup, and I want to plan a winning marketing plan, how much time should I spend planning it? You might think a good marketing plan is a well-revised, perfect, holes-free plan but really it is not. Small startups never consume too much time for marketing planning when they start. There is a saying, “Trains are most steady while moving,” which means that your plan will figure itself out once you start executing it, and not a minute before that.


But what is the most important thing I should focus on then? Three words: First sales process, choose your audience wisely and try to have a big opening and an astounding first sale. Though it is not a rule, many big companies had a slow start or even a disappointing one but they overcame this incident.


So to sum things up, come up with a plan; just borderlines with essential points to keep in mind.


Choose your audience well, and know every aspect about your service or product and try to expand their potential. Prepare yourself to face it when you need to take a leap of faith and risk losing. If you live without risking, you are not living.


This Post is posted by Abdelrahman El-Adawy

An IEEE AlexSB Volunteer, R&P Committee.

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