Mathematical Start up

I was once surfing the internet aimlessly -as usual- when I came across a video titled “Proof 1=0″. Curiosity leads me to open it, and here is what a guy with a British accent said:

” A mathematician and a philosopher called Grandi, once made a divergent summation series of ones, which had two different answers; 1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1…= 0 But what if you put brackets in between 1+(-1+1)+(-1+1)+(-1+1)+…= 1Proving that 1=0″ Then I finished watching the video, and it didn’t make much sense to me.

Things began to be clearer when I started to know about people starting as absolute “zero’s”, with almost nothing, then they turned to be a unique one.

Ampush: is a social ad-technology company, started by three men who met each other in when they were seventeen years old, they were roommates at University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, Facebook announced it as its newest strategic preferred marketing developer. The company now has 300 employees, and is trusted by Uber, MasterCard, with marketing partners as glamorous as Twitter, Pinterest, and instagram.

The talented Juliette Brindak: at the age of ten started to sketch the “Cool girls”; a set of five friends inspired from real life. When she was sixteen, she started a social networking site. As a new startup, it only reached her family and friends. However, the website is ranked the 3rd largest girls-only website in 2011. The income of the website now estimated to be somewhere around 15 million dollars.

Sean Belnick: a guy mowing lawns, who had turned 600 dollar into100 million dollars, by just learning HTML. He started his web-designing career with a simple furniture website for his step-father to show his furniture. He now owns “”, which is an online furniture retails office, featuring more than 100,000 products all around the globe.

The common things we have in all of the previous now-entrepreneurs’ stories, is that they all had nothing but a dream, motivation, passion and immense eagerness to learn. They proved that even if you’ve” zero” to start with by working hard, you can always become a unique “one”.


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