IEEE members are presented with resources, opportunities and discounts that can help advance and accelerate your career. Through IEEE, you can find colleagues who share your expertise and commitment. You can be among those who are moving technology forward today. Did you ask yourself this question: what aspect of your professional life would you like to strengthen? If you take a while and think by yourself you will find your answers among one of the following options:
  • Build and share knowledge

  • Hone your expertise

  • Expand or specialize your network of colleagues

  • Advance your career

  • Give back to the profession or your local community

  • All of these are attainable as an active IEEE member.

  • IEEE benefits have been distributed into many categories: Knowledge; Community; Profession; Other benefits which vary by region.

  • Knowledge area aims to expand your expertise and stay current; this is done through access to the latest and best research-news, television programs, and educational resources.

  • Community area aims to develop your global and local network; this is accomplished through a network of communication and learning that is unrivaled in the industry.

  • Profession area aims to empower your career aspirations and skills; this can be achieved through IEEE programs that can help increase your skills, give or receive mentoring, earn scholarships and much more.

IEEE Helps You Stay Current with Technology

IEEE is committed to helping members stay current and influence the profession by providing access to the knowledge you need. This is done through a variety of portals; which are:

  • IEEE Spectrum

  • IEEE Potentials Magazine

  • IEEE eLearning Library

  • What's new for Students

  • IEEE eBook Classics

  • IEEE Technical Papers

  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library

  • IEEE Society Publications

  • Proceedings of the IEEE

  • IEEE White Papers is an internet based television network made possible by the members of IEEE. produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering for the benefit of IEEE's members and the general public. " is an excellent step by IEEE. This will pave a new way in knowledge- sharing and spreading ideas across the globe." Bulusu Venkateswar, IEEE member.

Expand your exposure to technology by turning the pages of IEEE Spectrum Magazine. Inside this award-winning magazine, you will find insights into technology advances and the dedicated professionals who drive innovation. You might even discover a surprising new path to your future.

IEEE Potentials Magazine is the publication dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals. Potentials explores career strategies, the latest in research, and important technical developments. Through its articles, it also relates theories to practical applications, highlights technology’s global impact, and generates international forums that foster the sharing of diverse ideas about the profession.

IEEE eLearning Library is considered as the premier online collection of short courses and conference workshops. The IEEE eLearning Library presents a better way to learn for technology professionals, students and any organization who wants its team to strive, excel and stay competitive.

Undergraduate and graduate student members reap the same benefits as professional members, such as discounts on many technical resources and reduced registration fees for conferences, plus student discounts on society membership, software, publications and more. Benefits of IEEE for its student varies between: IEEE Student Branch offers technology competitions, expert speakers, professional instruction, community projects, plus opportunity to build a network of IEEE members who can provide support after graduation in your professional life. IEEE Competitions challenge students' skills in the IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Programming Challenge, IEEE Presidents' Change the world competition and IEEE Robotics and Design Competitions. Achievements recognition, the official honor society of IEEE, recognizes scholarships and academic excellence in IEEE technical fields of interest. Being nominated and achieving this honor as an IEEE student member can amplify a young professional career. Student Professional Awareness Conferences (S-PAC) are launched by IEEE Student Branches. Successful engineers speak on topics that affect technical careers.

IEEE members now have access to more than 260 eBooks from the IEEE Press collection through IEEE Xplore

The IEEE Member Digital Library, brought to you by the IEEE Xplore digital library, gives you instant access to all IEEE journal articles, magazines, and conference papers—the most essential information in technology today. With two great options designed to meet the needs—and budget—of every IEEE member, simply choose the subscription that’s right for you. You can also access all the IEEE Xplore abstracts for free.

Table-of-content and abstract access to 1.2-million documents.

IEEE offers global membership in nearly 40 different societies, each targeted to a       specific technology sector. What's more, qualified students can join IEEE at a special   discount rate. You can also join other specialized IEEE professional groups. If you are like most IEEE members, you will want to add value to your membership by   enhancing your professional network and joining one or more IEEE Societies or groups.   You will get up-to-date information on what is happening in your field of interest. You   will also be able to network with your colleagues and promote the value of your        specific interest worldwide through local chapters and IEEE memberNet.

For more than 100 years, this journal has been the best way to stay informed about trends in electrical engineering, electronics, and computer-science technology. Proceedings of the IEEE's highly cited papers have provided the global engineering community with fully referenced coverage on all emerging technologies since 1913, when it first appeared as the Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers.

IEEE offers a lot of white papers published by several leading incorporations in almost all the technological fields.

IEEE Helps You Connect with Your Professional Community

IEEE is a worldwide community of knowledgeable members. With other IEEE members who share similar technical interests, you can build a support group for your profession, industry or projects; that's why IEEE has offered you a lot of portals to help you connect with  the world such as:
  • IEEE memberNet

  • IEEE E-mail Alias

  • myIEEE

  • IEEE Sections and Technical Chapters

  • The institute Newsletter

  • IEEE Societies

  • IEEE Conferences

  • IEEE Member-Get-A-Member (MGM) Program

  • IEEE Global Benefits Finder

As a member, your professional community begins with IEEE memberNet. IEEE memberNet is the exclusive directory of IEEE member. It is an invaluable online search and contact tool that connects you to the member experts, helpers and advisors in all fields.

This e-mail alias identifies you as an IEEE member; it protects your privacy by the latest antivirus technologies. It also forward all the mails it receives to the primary mail you register with. It's the benefit that allows you interact with IEEE membership on your terms. Professional growth often means making choices with limited time. myIEEE, an interactive web portal exclusive IEEE members, allows you to customize your member experience as your needs change.

There are over 300 local IEEE Sections and 1,700 IEEE Chapters that unite local members with similar technical interests. An IEEE Chapter is a technical subunit of one or more IEEE societies. Both the local IEEE Section and an IEEE Society are your local link to the valuable resources available from the IEEE and its technical societies. Like an IEEE Section, an IEEE Student Branch can also have IEEE Student Branch Chapters affiliated with any IEEE Society. The goal is to provide activities geared toward students and graduate students interested in that specific technical area.

THE INSTITUTE is the member newspaper of the IEEE. Available monthly as a Web publication, it is mailed quarterly to all members of IEEE.

As the world's largest technical association, IEEE is comprised of a variety of groups, active in publications, conferences, and building technical communities. These units involve member outreach at both, the local and global level. IEEE has about 40 technical Societies that provide benefits to members within specialized fields of interest. Society memberships enable you to stay current within your chosen technology profession, keep in touch with your peers, and invest in your career.

IEEE organizes many conferences do offer programs for students. Check with the conference organizers for IEEE-sponsored and co-sponsored conferences by using the Conference search or check with the Society sponsoring the conference.

The membership benefit that pays. No one knows how beneficial IEEE membership is to technical and career development better than IEEE members. Consider sharing your IEEE membership experience and get rewarded for doing so. Get a member and earn US$2 for each Student.

Uncover IEEE member benefits that are most relevant to you. Use the global benefits finder to select your current career phase and country. This will helps you find the benefits that most suits you in your current career phase and country you are living in.

IEEE Helps You Empower Your Career Aspirations and Skills

  • IEEE Job Site

  • Career Alert Weekly E-mail

  • IEEE Mentoring Connection

  • Consultants Database

  • IEEE Scholarships

  • IEEE Member Discounts

  • IEEE ResumeLab Tool

  • IEEE Education Partners Program (EPP).