Category: 2015 , NPSS Events

This onsite awareness campaign was organized to create a new perspective of ionizing radiation to the public.
The campaign focused mainly on bananas to represent the “not that bad” side of radiation. This is because bananas are eaten daily by millions of people around the world and happens to be radioactive, however not at all hazardous. The event was organized in the form of games and competitions which included general information on the nuclear world. We succeeded through this event to reach a wide variety of students of different educational backgrounds.
The Banana Day was a very beneficial event as it helped a lot of people who don’t know anything about the nuclear field gain some knowledge and create a new insight concerning radiation through playing games and winning prizes. It was all about having fun and learning.
Another important scene in the event was a Technical Information Desk, where people had the opportunity to come by the desk and ask all sort of questions about radiation, the questions were answered directly.

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