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Have you ever thought what will happen if you can control your heartbeat through an electronic device? Or would it be possible to monitor every single thing that happens inside your body?

Biomedical Engineering is one of the most interesting and important tracks in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It is simply all about the application of engineering principles in the field of medicine and biology. This lead to many advancements and breakthroughs in medicine because it made it possible to monitor and control vital processes in the human body!

On December 11th 2013, IEEE AlexSB was pleased to host Mr. Karim Aslaan –a trainer in Medical Research Institute– in a seminar about Biomedical Engineering. Mr Karim talked about the most popular applications of Biomedical Engineering and the scientific principles behind their operation, such as cochlear implants (an electronic device designed to enhance the sense of hearing), Excimer LASER System (a machine that uses a certain type of LASER to perform eyesight correction operations, AKA Lasik surgery), medical Ventilators, and hemodialysis machines (blood purification machine).

Mr. Karim then talked about job opportunities in the field and the main challenges that face this field in Egypt and the Arab countries.

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