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Bluekaizen “Information Security”, one of the most outstanding seminars presented by IEEE Alexandria Student Branch (AlexSB). You might think this article is about “safe guard job opportunity”, but in fact in this session, a different type of career was presented to the attendees. The speaker, Mr. Adham Muhammad Saeed, took the attendees on a tour through the hidden corners of the world of information security which weren’t obvious to them before. What is information security all about? And why is it so necessary? What is the importance of keeping your information secure? What’s the specialty of Bluekaizen’s work? What is ethical hacking? What are White and Black-Hat Hacking? All these questions were raised and discussed during the seminar which took place on Saturday 14th of December , 2013.

The session began to take a different turn when Mr. Adham said “it could be you who wear the white hat and protect people’s information”. In fact, that was Bluekaizen’s mission as it offers a wide range of courses in the field of information security, such as: Comptia+ Security, sans, offensive security and CEH (Security Essentials Course).

Presenting such a session to undergraduate students has indeed helped direct their view towards a new career field.

But let’s keep in mind that being a security engineer is not an easy task; it takes a lot of hard work; persistence, training, and practicing to achieve a good level of experience in this field. And as Mr. Adham said “you still have the chance to work on yourself, learn how to code and how to solve a problem in a smart way. Just find your passion and work towards it, and you will definitely be unique”, the door remains open for more curious and enthusiastic young engineers to conquer this world.

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