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C language has been around for 30 years, yet it’s still consistently ranked at the top of any list of programming languages used and studied today. It provides a building block for programmers allowing them to have very good idea of how a computer works and helps them later in understanding higher level concepts. This course is aimed at teaching the student the basics of program writing in C wherethe student can create functional C-programs.

Included Topics:

  • Decision and control statements
  • Repetition and loop statements
  • Arrays
  • Applications with strings and text
  • Variable scope and functions
  • Pointers
  • Working with files
  • Putting it all together


Mahmoud Saeed

Mahmoud graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from AIET in 2011. He has over 4 years experience as a software developer. he is currently the head of development at Tech-Critic and previously worked as a Teaching Assistant at AIET teaching courses such as Computer Programming Digital Systems Design and Computer Architecture.

No.of sessions:
6 sessions (3 hours per each)

Members: 50 L.E
Non-members: 65 L.E

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