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Edm is one of IEEE AlexSB mega events, which is held annually on a large scale. Its main target is to develop the engineers’ background in business and management through a number of sessions and workshops. It provides them with sufficient information and the needed skills which make them ready for the job market.

Integrating Engineers by management includes lots of non-technical sessions, presented over a period of three successive days, for the sake of helping the graduate and undergraduate engineers who attend that event in the business field, Discussing many different topics, like marketing strategies, strategic planning, product branding, crisis management, feasibility and business modeling.

This year, attendees experienced business modeling more intensively through eight sequential sessions presented over the first two days of the event. By the end of these sessions, attendees are expected to be more familiar with several managerial, business and entrepreneurial skills.

To guarantee the best outcome from those sessions, there was a daily workshop for the attendees to gradually apply what they have learned. They were then divided into teams to work on solving a certain problem, or build their own business project from scratch. These workshops were very motivating, since the attendees faced real problems and tried to figure out how to deal with them, which was a great chance for them to gain this experience.They also got the chance to develop their business skills which is something they don’t come across in their studies, but is more likely to be gained by experience and practice. The event was a huge success, and hopefully, we wish that it has served its purpose of creating skilled and adaptable engineers, ready to fit well in the job market, or create their own independent careers.

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