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Integrating Engineers by Management “∫Edm” is an initiative to integrate young engineers with adequate management knowledge in order to be more effective and efficient in their professional industrial or entrepreneurial work

∫Edm is a 3-day event that consists of several workshops that are given by business experienced speakers to develop the attendees’ business background and to teach them several business tactics that help them to have successful, one of a kind and profitable business.

On Edm participants get to work in teams on some technical workshops to initiate and lead a successful start-up.
This year, Edm’15 has added a 1-day pre-event just before Edm’s 3 days mainly to brainstorm with teams on applicable ideas for start-ups with the help of professional instructors.

Edm on its 4th episode will continue with the same vision focusing on how to train young engineers to bring these startups to life.

Event Date: Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th, and Friday 30th of January, 2015

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