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Edm is back and better than ever!

Edm is an annual event focused on introducing attendees to Business and Management concepts that will help them in their professional lives. With sessions designed to gradually build the attendees’ knowledge from basic information to skills that can be applied in real life situations, our aim is for the attendees to become effective business and managing individuals. These sessions include technical and non-technical topics, presented by professionals, to give an all-inclusive view of what it is to be a business professional.

In addition to the sessions and in parallel to our goal of advancing managerial skills, Edm provides you the opportunity to develop your own startup idea and create its business plan. Whether you already have an idea or looking to start your own project but still don’t have the idea fully formed, you are welcome to join. Teams will be formed for each idea and the event will offer workshops where you will be guided by business professionals with every aspect of planning such as strategic, marketing and financial planning.

All participating startups will be entered in a competition where the winners are given prizes in the form of project funding or sponsorships for building their startup. There will also be incubators for good startup ideas, where they will keep track of the startup even after the event has ended to make sure help is given and available whenever is needed.

Event Date: 11th, 12th and 13th of February, 2016

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