Ezz El-Dekhela Factory Visit

Category: 2016 , Visits

IEEE AlexSB is pleased to announce a visit to Ezz El-Dekhela (EZDK) Factory.


Ezz El-Dekhela Steel Company was established in 1982 under the name Alexandria National Iron and Steel Company, ANSDK. The company aims to produce, manufacture and sell steel in all it’s shapes and sizes. It started production in 1986. The company produces long and flat products at its manufacturing facilities. It is the market leader in Egypt for long products, which consist principally of rebars and wire rods, which are used for strengthening concrete in building and other construction applications, and also in flat products, which consist of hot rolled coil, which are thin gauge sheets manufactured to precise specification for makers of consumer goods and industrial products.


This visit targets Mechanical Power, Electrical and Production engineering students.

Visit date: Tuesday, February 23rd

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