Fire Fighting

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The objective of this training course is to give a detailed overview about the widely used and very important Fire Fighting systems. This course is concentrates on the types, operation, maintenance and the design of Fire Fighting systems (water system, Gases, etc.) according to NFPA.

After the course is ends, each attendee will be able to select, design, install and maintain fire fighting systems according to NFPA requirements.

This is a specialized course for mechanical and electrical power engineers. Those engineers will be involved, directly or indirectly, in the design, installation and maintenance of different kind of firefighting Systems throughout their career. The course is of a particular value for engineers and technicians.

Included Topics:
Introduction and definitions for Fire Protection.
Introduction to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
Water System components specifications and selection (Wet Sprinkler system,
Dry Sprinkler System, Deluge System, Pre-action system, Anti-Freeze system).
Water system Design, Operation, Installation & Maintenance.
Gases System (CO2 – FM200) components specifications and selection.
Gases System Design, Operation, Installation & Maintenance.
Introduction to Foam System Application.
Introduction to Kitchen System Application.
Selection of the suitable Fire Fighting system for your application.
Introduction to the water system hydraulic Calculations using Elite Software.
Practical Project to exercise on application selection and complete design.


Ibrahim Arafa

6 days (24 hrs – 4hrs / day)

-Members: 150 L.E
-Non-members: 250 L.E

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