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In view of the global trend to understand the surrounding universe and the essence of forces of nature, IEEE NPSS Alexandria Student Chapter organized “From General Relativity to Rainbow Gravity”.

The session was given by Dr. Ahmed Farag, an assistant professor at the Center of Fundamental Physics (CFP) at Zewail City of Science and Technology.

In this session, Dr. Farag discussed the sequence of scientific theories development. The first theory was “Special Theory of relativity”. Afterwards, the motivations for the “General Theory of Relativity” were addressed by presenting the conflict between the special relativity and the Newtonian Gravity that took from Einstein ten years to solve by introducing the “General Theory of Relativity”, GR.

Then, the session had to be filled with some basics about “Cosmology” preparing for its following part, which was about the meaning of physical singularity and the basic features of “Black Holes” and the “Big Bang”. The motivations for seeking a quantum theory of gravity were introduced, which is still waited and always considered as the holy grail of physics.

Finally, Dr. Farag presented the “Rainbow Gravity” as a theory beyond the general relativity, which provides a modification in the dispersion relations that leads to a modification in Einstein’s field equation of GR.

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