High Dam

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IEEE AlexSB is pleased to announce a visit to Aswan High Dam during the midyear vacation. With a reservoir capacity of 132 cubic kilometres, the Aswan High Dam provides water for about 33,600 square km of irrigation land. It serves the irrigation needs of both Egypt and Sudan, controls flooding, generates power and helps in improving navigation across the Nile.

During this guided visit, you will be introduced to the wonders of the dam, from the stages of it’s construction to how it operates and how it is currently being maintained.

The visit will be from Friday, February 1st till Sunday, February 3rd.
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Registration: Tuesday December 22nd and Thursday December 24th.
Time: 11:50 am till 1:40 pm.
Place: Electrical Building Hall, Ground Floor.

Fees: -For IEEE members: EGP 800
-For non IEEE members: EGP 950

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