Indoor localization Seminar

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IEEE AlexSB is pleased to announce it’s next seminar exploring the technologies behind Indoor Positioning Systems.

Indoor positioning systems are systems used to locate objects or people within closed spaces using different methods including radio waves, magnetic fields, acoustic signals, or other sensory information collected by mobile devices.

These methods have different approaches for determining the position such as distance measurement to nearby anchor nodes (nodes with known positions, e.g., WiFi access points), magnetic positioning to name a few.

Meet our speaker: Eng. Ahmed Tarek Fahmy
Ahmed is currently a student in the fourth year, in the College of Engineering, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Electrical Power and Automatic Control Department.

He has a good experience in scientific research, as he has issued an Egyptian patent No 25758. He also participated in many national and international science fairs. He participated in Intel International science and engineering fair in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, International Environmental project Olympiad (INEPO) in Istanbul, Turkey where he won the Silver Medal (World’s Second Place) and “Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Marketplace” where he won “The best Young Inventor Award” from the “World Intellectual Property Organization (WEPO).

Ahmed had an internship in the Electrical and Computer Department, Queens University, Canada. He was working in the navigation lab, where he delivered an Indoor Localization project, which increased the accuracy in determining the position of a pedestrian indoors to less than two meters compared to more than five meters in case of previous techniques.

He published a paper related to this work entitled “Intelligent Indoor Localization System Utilizing Zigbee Wireless Networks and Inertial Sensor Integration” in Melaha 2016 “GNSS Way Ahead” International Conference

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