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“Jump your shadow” was the title of a session hosted by IEEE Alexandria Student branch –in cooperation with Alexandria University Science Club– on Tuesday 19th of March, 2013. The session was about how to get out of your comfort zone, get past your fears and bad habits and achieve your dreams and have impact on the world to make a difference.

Dr. Phil Jonson started the session by introducing himself and his crew at Global Next to the audience. They distributed papers among the audience asking them about their greatest fear. Answers to these questions had been used throughout the session. Dr. Phil then said that many people are afraid to jump their shadow and get out of their comfort zones and he added that people find it hard to jump because many reasons, like forgetting what’s important and what’s not, not seeing the opportunities, and finally because of fear of the unknown. He said that life is full of opportunities and by staying in our comfort zones, we miss a lot of them, and in order to avoid that we should hang out with smart people, write down things that surprise us and be open to unusual ideas.

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