Microcontroller interfacing using ARM Cortex-M4 based microcontrollers

Category: 2016 , SSCS Events

Course Content:

1- Overview on ARM Architectures and its features.
2- ARM Cortex-M4 CPU architecture and provided functionalities.
3- Overview on Tiva C microcontrollers series, specs of tm4c123gh6pm and TM4C123G
Launch Pad Evaluation Board.
4- GPIO interface and DIO Driver.
5- Software layered architecture workshop.
6- HITACHI 44780 based LCD driver.
7- Exceptions and NIVC.
8- DMA controller Driver.
9- ADC driver.
10- Serial interfaces driver: SPI, UART and I2C.
11- GPT and System tick timer.
12- Final project will be delivered after one month.

Duration: 36 hrs.

Instructor: Eng. Hossam Khiary.