Category: 2012 , Seminars

MIE is a competition that aims to push the industry in Egypt forward by making a contest between projects that contribute to solving problems facing the society – local or international –, or that can be realized as products that offer comparable quality standards and prices to others imported from outside the country, which encourages Egyptian-made products and in turn can reinforce the Egyptian economy.

During the seminar, Mr. Mohamed Bassam talked about his success story in ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles) and his team’s project that came in the second place in MIE the year before. He spoke about the challenge of making your graduation project your ticket into your career in the industrial arena, and to do so, your project must be an added value for the industry in your country. He added that this competition is considered a good opportunity for students, especially in the 4th year, to show their projects and to try to get funding to make their projects come to reality. And finally, he explained in details how to submit your project for the MIE, and he added that winning this competition depends on self-confidence and team work.

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