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After one year of a big dream that came true, one year of sharing knowledge and enhancing collaboration between students and professionals, one year of innovative contributions from many volunteers, NPSS Alexandria Student Chapter celebrated its first anniversary on 14th May 2014.

The celebration started with a greeting speech by the vice-chairman Abu-Bakr Mohamed, and a video summarizing the chapter’s activities during the past year. This was followed by the core session of the day entitled “Nuclear Energy and the Human Act”, delivered by Eng. Ahmed Moustafa.

Afterwards, Prof. Mohammed Hassan, IEEE NPSS Alexandria Student Chapter’s advisor, clarified the healthy atmosphere inside the chapter, and the effect of the early volunteering, and contribution to the organizational work, on building students’ scientific and social culture. Then, there was an honoring speech for all the professors who supported the chapter during the last year, and the students who contributed to our activities. Finally, the celebration ended by an interesting game, which had a funny scientific form that both students and professors enjoyed.

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