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IEEE, Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Alexandria Student Chapter (IEEE NPSS AlexSC), was first inaugurated on 28th of April, 2013, to be the first IEEE nuclear and plasma sciences student chapter in the entire world.

NPSS is a technical society that covers many fields concerned with nuclear technology like: fusion technology, nuclear medical research and applications, radiation effects, plasma sciences and its applications, etc…

The opening ceremony comprised three beneficial sessions. The first one was given by Dr. Abdelfattah Soliman about the impact of nuclear technology on our life. The fields where the nuclear technology is involved were addressed; like the production of liquid hydrogen used in hydrogen engines, and the n-type semiconductors used in solar cells. Also, the challenges facing the nuclear technology were mentioned.

The second session which was given by Dr. Ali Abdou was about plasma history and basic plasma physics. The third one was an amazing motivational speech named “Have the gut and make the change” by Dr. Hytham Abd El Aziz.

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