Nuclear Exploration Logging in The Oil & Gas Industry

Category: 2014 , NPSS Events

Nuclear well logging is a subset of nuclear geophysics, closely following developments made in theoretical and experimental nuclear physics. Well geophysical methods have been used extensively for well logging in the exploration for petroleum. The methods are usually applied for in-site measurements of the physical properties of the rock surrounding the hole. Nuclear geophysics is essential for the oil and gas industries where very deep holes are drilled (thousands of meters). Due to the deep penetration of the gamma-radiation and neutrons, nuclear logging can locate the presence of oil or gas behind the well casing.

As part of ITW Conference 2014, Eng. Ahmed Kawana, a representative from Schlumberger gave a session on nuclear well logging. The session covered all the theoretical aspects of the nuclear logging techniques as well as the technical and practical aspects faced during theory application.

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