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Following the vision of IEEE, and believing in maintaining the link between the students in academia and the practical work in all fields of engineering; the 4th of March 2014 marked the second visit organized by IEEE Alexandria student branch (IEEE AlexSB) this year. The destination of the visit was Petromaint; a petroleum company headquartered in Alexandria, specialized in providing world class continuous maintenance services, technical services, construction works, revamp, and modification for oil, gas, petrochemicals, LNG, electrical, and industrial plants, relying on state of the art equipment, and latest engineering techniques and approaches to maximize its clients’ benefits and meet their specifications.

The visit started by a session given by Mr. Abd-El-Rahman Adel who works as an engineer in the business development department, who talked about the company history and its activities. After that, some engineers from the mechanical department in the company took the lead of the tour, explaining to the attendees the nature of their work, how they benefited from their college studies in practical work, and the qualifications and complementary work engineering students need to do to be ready for the job market.

Finally the manager of Petromaint talked to the students about project management and leadership in work, and how important these skills are to engineers. It was a valuable visit, which highlighted many aspects of the practical work in the field of engineering, and helped the students determine their goals and how to work towards achieving them.

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