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As a project manager, you ability to demonstrate best practices in project management—both on the job and through professional certification—is becoming the standard to compete in today’s fast-paced and highly technical workplace. This course expands upon the basic concepts of project management you discovered in the course Project Management Fundamentals, and offers a job-related approach to successful project management across application areas and industries.

Course Objective:
You will apply the generally recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMP) to successfully manage projects.

Target Student:
This course is designed for experienced project managers who want to increase their project management skills, apply a standards-based approach to project management, and apply for Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI®) Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.

Students must be aware of Project Management Fundamentals.

Included Topics:

  • PMP Exam Prep Introduction
  • Project Management Framework
  • Project Management Processes
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Professional & Social Responsibility
  • PMP Certification Prep


Dr. Yasser Abd El Moteleb.

Dr. Abd El Moteleb is a management consultant and freelance speaker. He has over 25-years experience in the field, providing project management consulting services for many organizations operating in Africa, the Middle East & Arabian Gulf. Dr. Moteleb’s experience and expertise is in strategic planning, Quality Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Project Management, and System Analysis and Design. He has a PhD of Japanese Management and PhD of Quality from New York University.


10 days/ 4 hours per day

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