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Have you ever been obsessed with science and scientific experiments your entire childhood?!
Have you always been ripping apart your toys to know how they worked and what was inside

Ever dreamed of being a Scientist, an Engineer, or an inventor?!

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and for adventure through the world of technology?!

Want to be the next Bill gates or Steve Jobs?!

“Protons”…your beginning is here!!

“Protons” is a technical Program for middle and senior school students, which was
created and supervised by IEEE Alexandria University Student Branch (IEEE AlexSB) for
these segments of school students to introduce them to the world of technology and
engineering through a series of workshops and lectures about the basic fundamental
technical skills in some of the engineering fields, like Robotics, Home Automation, and

This program aims at discovering and nurturing their hidden talents in the field of
engineering, as well as increasing their knowledge and awareness about technology,
and thus, creating a generation of knowledgeable well-informed engineers at an early
age, which will reflect greatly on their future as well as the future of our country and its

The summary of Protons is to take the students –without any previous background on
their part– and introduce them to some of the interesting engineering fields through a
full program that was carefully prepared to provide them with the necessary technical
information and skills they need to achieve a certain level of knowledge in the
aforementioned respective fields, and then provide them with the necessary mentorship
to make them able to create their own ideas and projects, unleash their creativity and
innovation and let them lead the way of their own success, and paint an optimistic new
picture of the future of our beloved country on the canvas of their bright and
enthusiastic generation.

And finally, at the end of the program, there will be a Projects Fair and a competition to
determine the best projects, which will be awarded valuable prizes in the closing

Protons is not just about teaching young school students about engineering, it’s about
letting them see how they can change the world around them for real by actions, not
words, and that they are truly the future of this country and its utmost and greatest

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