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LOVE science but don’t know where to start?
Dream of building a robot and searching for some guidance?
Want to create the next Facebook but don’t have the tools? Protons is the program for you!

Protons is a scientific engineering-based program targeting school students with different backgrounds. It is aimed at middle and senior school students with the passion to learn and the courage to follow their dreams.

Our goal is to help the students explore the world of science in an engaging way, feeding their curiosity as we go along. Students are immersed in technology through hands on workshops, technical and non-technical sessions, visits and much more! We focus on three main tracks: Programming,
Robotics and Home Automation. Teams are formed and mentors are provided for each track to teach the students the basic fundamentals of the field and guide them through each step till they form a full understanding of their chosen track.

The stages of the program :
1- Students fill the application form and pass the interview
2- Students will be distributed to 3 tracks based on their choice (software programming, Robotics, Home Automation).
3- Students will have more than 12 session – 2 hours each – or more to enhance their technical and non technical skills.
4- Students will be distributed to teams, each of 4 to 5 students.
5- Teams will do a graduation project and enter a science fair in the faculty of engineering.

By the end of this experience, the students will be able to create their own projects where the only limitation is their imagination. Projects are then entered into a project fair where the winning team is awarded amazing prizes.

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