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Since the dawn of time, mankind has been striving to create better living conditions for future generations, through progress and evolution, and ever since, man’s thirst for knowledge has known no bounds.

Our human nature urges us to set out to explore the unknown, conquer the mysteries of the universe, and shed the light on what lies in the shadows, which was the main reason for the advancement of technology and the age of science we live in today.

Exploring, inventing, experimenting and research have been the pillars upon which this grand universal civilization of humans was built, and it is the only way it will prevail and flourish. Only through research and exploring can we hope for a better and more prosperous tomorrow.

And thus, believing in these ideals, and in an attempt to spread the culture of research, knowing without a doubt that it is the only way for building our civilization and defining our entity among nations, IEEE Alexandria University Student Branch (IEEE AlexSB) & IEEE Cairo University Student Branch (IEEE CUSB) have initiated –together– a research program in Egypt that is considered to be the first IEEE joint Research-Oriented Program for Engineers, or “ROPE”. This program is considered the first linkage between IEEE CUSB & IEEE AlexSB, which aims at helping young engineering students engage in research in an early stage, providing them with the necessary skills and guiding them through this field.

This program is targeting all the students, specifically undergrads, in these universities mainly, and maybe students who are interested in research from other universities in Egypt as well.

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