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On a seminar titled “Satellite Technology” and hosted by IEEE Alexandria Student Branch (IEEE AlexSB) on Monday 4th of March, 2013, Mr. Ahmed Adel –from “Space Technology”– started his talk by explaining who they are (referring to Space Technology) and the history of space technology. First, the speaker gave examples of satellites such as Sputnik-1, Telstar satellite, Oscar1, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Remote Sensing, Space Exploration and Navigation satellites.

After that, he demonstrated 6 phases of mission planning which are –in order– mission concept, Mission Requirements, Preliminary Design, Final Design, System Integration & Testing, and finally Launching & Operation. Satellites are created by space agencies, private agencies, Universities (CubeSat’s) and individuals. Considering CubeSat’s, the speaker explained more concerning why we need it, how to start its building and development process, and its applications. The session ended with some questions from the attendees which revolved around creating a cubesat and the connection between satellites and the internet.

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