Silicon Plasmonic-integrated Interferometer Sensor Seminar

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Plasmonic based circuits is considered as the best compromise between the advantages of electronic and photonic circuits. Electronic circuits provide us with the ability to control the transport and storage of electrons. However, the performance of electronic circuits is now becoming rather limited when digital information needs to be sent from one point to another as in rack-to-rack communication. Photonics offers an effective solution to this problem by implementing optical communication systems based on optical fibers and photonic circuits. Unfortunately, the micrometer-scale bulky components of photonics have limited the integration of these components into electronic chips, which are now measured in nanometers. Surface plasmon–based circuits (Plasmonic-based circuits) may offer a solution to this size-compatibility problem in which it combines both the nanoscale of electronic devices and the high operating speed and bandwidth of photonic devices.
This seminar covered the following points:

– Motivation: Why plasmonics?
– Introduction about sensor design
– Previous Work
– Sensor key parameters
– Our design
– Theoretical Part
– Results
– Conclusion

This seminar was given by Eng. Ahmad Bassam who is a Graduate Student in the academic year 2012-2013 from Communications and Electronics Major, Electrical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. His research interests include Photonics and Surface Plasmon-Based Photonics (Plasmonics) ICs. He has good knowledge in using optical simulation tools like Opti-FDTD. Currently he is working as a Teaching Assistant at the American University in Cairo (AUC).

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