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The very beginning of April 2014 with IEEE Alexandria Student Branch (AlexSB) had begun with preparing a great visit to one of the greatest technology centers in Cairo, and the most suitable place for engineering students to visit; the place where more than 40000 workers and engineers head to every single morning to create and shape the world; Smart Village Egypt.

The day of the visit included many different activities and sessions, technical and non-technical, starting by visiting the headquarters of Smart Village which has a small model of Smart Village with all its buildings, where the visitor students listened to a short speech about the landscape of the village and how it is divided, and how it was constructed and launched. They also watched a video about it, which showed how many companies are inside, whether local, national or international, that serve all aspects of technology, and mainly the engineering filed by all its branches, besides many other services that Smart Village provide.

The visitors of IEEE AlexSB had a tour inside Smart Village, which included visiting many companies’ headquarters to listen to introductory presentations about what they specialize in and what qualifications they require in engineers who are looking for a job there. The visited companies were ITIDA, I-Score, and Microsoft, in addition to the building of culture at smart village “Culturama”. Inside each company, the students had different views about the variety of systems of work those companies present and need. They also visited the smart village club which is open for all the workers there for refreshment and recreation, where there are a lot of activities, games, and sports, in addition to a place for having their meals; all this in one positive environment that helps them work better.

After all that informative tour, we can comfortably say that each one of the students on this visit has been offered a great chance to get closer to the practical work and the job market in the industry and technology related professions, which they will face after graduation; and probably many of them have already defined their careers based on the information he gained there, which will help them start working on achieving this particular goal.

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