Thorium as a Nuclear Fuel

Category: 2015 , NPSS Events

This session was organized to discuss the use of Thorium from a nuclear point of view. Recently, Thorium has been proved to be a potential, efficient alternative to Uranium as a nuclear fuel though none of the Thorium isotopes are fissile.

The session was highly beneficial as the topic was addressed from different aspects. For one thing, the speaker discussed Thorium from the nuclear material point of view, which is very important in determining to what extent Thorium can be applicable to different designs of Nuclear Power Plants and substitute Uranium as a nuclear fuel.

There was also a presentation on the system design of Nuclear Power Plants using Thorium and how it differs from using Uranium. The speaker also talked about the Indian research program of thorium fuel cycle and its main features as it is the most dominant case study in this field. The speaker ended the session by discussing the future of this energy alternative in Egypt.

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