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Understand the Roadmaps was a three-successive-session event, mapping the Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Department’s courses in a number of roadmaps depending on the various applications of nuclear sciences. This mapping cleared the way of studying in the department, and kept everything linked and connected. It also described the department’s core courses objectives and their connection with the department’s main objectives.

In addition, those maps linked the students’ learning outcomes with today’s technologies in the realm of nuclear engineering, introducing the students to the current and potential applications of nuclear technology.

During the sessions, Dr. Abdelfattah Youssef Soliman, one of the most active instructors, presented the nuclear technology from three perspectives: “Nuclear Power Plants”,” Research Reactors & its applications”, and “Radioisotopes & Plasma Applications”.

The objectives of most of the 56 courses in the curriculum of the Nuclear & Radiation Engineering (NRE) Department, Alexandria University were addressed. The curriculum includes courses from diverse areas like Electrical and Mechanical Engineering along with Mathematics and Humanities. The courses were linked according to the three previously stated perspectives.

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